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Vector ‘Bar-Racks’ Tha Mixtape

Vector finally releases his long-awaited ‘BAR-RACKS‘ mixtape; his second material since the release of his debut album ‘State of Surprise‘ in 2010.
At a time where the YSG Entertainment rapper is doing very well – featuring on over 20 songs this year only, working with DJ Jimmy JATT on his second single and don’t forget the infamous war of words with Reminisce, Vector provides new work for his ever growing fans to consume
With 14 tracks and two skits, the lanky rapper sure impresses and sounds confident all through the tape most especially on Rick Ross’ ‘Stay scheming‘.
With lines like ‘I ball full time, Crack no Joey/But you ball on E like Lamar and Khloe‘ and a shoutout to a shortlist of female rappers Blaise, Eva, Muna and Zee, Vector will definitely create some storm.
However, despite Vector’s energy, skills and witty lines, ‘BAR-RACKS‘ still sounds like a transition – from rookie to a form hopefully better than where’s he coming from.

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Album Review: 2face – Away & Beyond


After I listened to the album for the first time, my first reaction was “Wow. I didn’t feel the need to skip any songs.” Albums like that don’t come too often these days – in Nigeria and outside of Nigeria. Even the so called “hit albums” always have that ‘I don’t listen to this’ type of songs. This album, on first listen, doesn’t give off that vibe.

2face is no stranger to making great music, but it almost seems he really fine tuned those skills in this album, and that’s attributed to his experience in music. 5 studio albums is no joke.


Away & Beyond starts off on a mature note in Higher (Spiritual Healing) ft. Huma Lara which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The tune produced by Femi Ojetunde (who produces 4 songs on the album) almost feels like a prayer-like introduction with the Indian sample.

Once you’ve been given a dose of the new improved 2face, then the journey into the “Away & Beyond” has officially begun. Omo T’osan is a nice mellow tune that sees 2face go in some depth as to imagining a perfect girl, and the intense feeling that come along with it. That comes right before we see a surprise guest appearance from  Terry Tha Rapman on the song Bother You that ranks up there in terms of favorite songs on the album.

Spell Bound gives us an interestingly new age sound by Dark Secret International which somehow works very well with the lyrics 2face lays over it. Captivating enough to hold the audience and a similar pattern follows in Steady Steady, although in a more playful tone with lyrics like “If I say Poraro, and I say Potato, nah the same Potato.” Not to get carried away though, the song is not just jokes but uses familiar slangs to send the message across.

Dance In The Rain reminds us all of why we can’t just seem to not love 2face, as he provides a song that almost seems like a soundtrack to life. Speaking of life, life in Nigeria can be explained in the song In Your Eyes where 2face tackles the issues of crooked and deceptive politicians, police brutality, and on a switch to a happy ending the dream of unity within religions, love and unity. The really nice beat comes from Jay Sleek. Freedom Is Life has a beat that gets the blood flowing once again and even though it’s not entirely a dance track, the upbeat tempo sure inserts a some charge.

It’s easy to tell that 2face is definitely in love with his fiancée, and you don’t need a magician to tell you that. Just listen to the words of the lead single of the album, My Rainbow. On that note, a song that will definitely make a wedding dance floor is the track Dance Floor which falls in line with the current house music craze. This will get any dance floor jumping from Europe to Africa, Asia to the Americas.

The first song that didnt completely wow me, even though it’s still not bad, is Keep On Pushing. A little bit of a generic party song, but in the club will probably still get the job done. The opposite of the generic sound from Keep On Pushing is Ihe Neme that is as refreshing as songs come. From the familiar lyrics (“whether from kano, shege yaro”) to the beat that seems to have an extra detail in it (shout out to Jay sleek), the song puts us back on track for what will be the last lap of our journey through Away & Beyond.

The last lap of the journey doesn’t really start off on a great note, as Omo No Dulling featuring Dammy Krane, & Rocksteady comes off as a forced Hypertek group song which doesn’t fit into the album. It’s pretty decent but doesn’t seem like it belongs. A quick recovery from 2face though as he comes with Becca on a highly infectious pseudo-highlife song in Bad Man Bad Girl, and after that the album ends with a song that was previously released, Chemical Reaction featuring Naeto C.


2face has always been more mature than his peers when it comes to music making, but in this album he takes it a step further by widening that gap between him and “the others.” With productions from J-Sleek, Femi Ojetunde, Spellz, Dark Secret and more, this album doesn’t lack in originality and freshness. It’s easy to see why 2face is where he is today in the music industry despite several setbacks that would normally derail a lot of entertainers.

Like any other album it has its misses, but even those could be highlights on other albums, but all in all Away & Beyond is a great album, and one that is as close to his face 2 face album in terms of originality. After to listening to this, it’s hard to go back and listen to the more generic sounds that have flooded the Nigerian music industry lately.





Squeeze – HI-VOLTAGE Mixtape

Squeeze is one of the fastest rising reggae/dancehall star in Nigeria, set to take over this year.Righthere we showcasing his brandnew mixtape titled ‘Hi-VOLTAGE’ hosted by one of Nigeria’s veteran dj’s ‘Dj Humility’ who also had him on his first single titled ‘Drum&bass‘ released on the first day of 2012 off his forthcoming mixtape.

In anticipation of his debut album due for the later part of this year,here is a little of what you are going to expect.Blackdutch inc is solidly behind Squeeze to achieve his dream of giving nothing but sweet and very good music.I’ll simply say if you love good music or better still if you love the likes of Buju banton,Sizzla kalonji,Busy signal,The fugees and Vybez cartel then you are surely gonna love SQUEEZE coz he has got it like those who influenced him as mentioned.

Download his mixtape and enjoy Nigeria’s very own reggae/dancehall hero.

Do well to follow him on twitter as soon as you turn his fan and like his fanpage on facebook.
Twitter:@iamsqueeze  Facebook fanpage:squeeze tarela.

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Time next year.Here is the full Mixtape from Port Harcourt fast rising new comer, Danas who dropped one hell of a catchy single back in September. The Book of Danas is his debut mixtape and is 14 tracks deep. Most of the songs are remakes of older beats, but I believe a few songs are over original instrumentals.

  1. Go ahead and download the mixtape to enjoy some Danas music. His new material for his album will drop some

You Can Easily Download ‘The Book of Danas” #TBOD (the Mixtape) here by simply clicking on the download links of the particular track…

01 – Adios (Prologue)
Original song; Cry Now by Obietrice
A welcome song that Ushers in the MIxtape… ironically, the name is Adios…Download Adios (Prolugue)
02 – Blowayzz President
Produced by Danas
A Personal Favorite… the first track i consciously Recorded fpr the Mixtape… Download Blowayzz President
03 – Go Go Go ft. Fre-D
Produced by Fre-D, A Fela Kuti Sample
Fre-D Wicked Me Here Sha.. :(.. Fre-D, I go do u back for ur own Tape.. :p… lolDownload Go Go Go ft. Fre-D
04 – A Lil Som’n
Produced by Danas, Original song; I’m on One by Dj Khalid
Initially a teaser for the tape… Just A lil’ Som’n as the name implies… it was meant to be like a SkitDownload A Lil’ Som’n
05 – Dont Stop
Produced by Danas
well, i didnt Record this song for a Mixtape… One of those songs u Record due to Inspiration and without Intentions.. it”s Beautiful Music.. Download Don’t Stop


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