FlightMuzic Xclusive interview With @EriggaNewMoney

When it comes to street Hip-Hop in these shores there’s is only one rapper we know and his name is ERIGGA NewMoney AKA PaperBoi..

FlightMuzic: Erigga pls can u tell us about your background?.

Erigga aka paperboi: Single parent ish… Jst my mom We jst two in my house.. Me and my sister.

FlightMuzic:Can u pls tell us wat’s ‘your real name.

Erigga aka paperboi: Erhiga zill Agarivbie

FlightMuzic: Where did u grew up and what was it like?.

Erigga aka paperboi: I grew in the streets of warri it was really tough though.

FlightMuzic: can you please tell us what brought about ur stage name Erigga?.

Erigga aka paperboi: Erigga is pronounced same way as my real name [Erhiga] Didn’t wanna lost my name so I had to flip the letters so everyone can pronounce em easily.

FlightMuzic: what inspired you to do your Pidgin English Rap?.

Erigga aka paperboi: The streets!!! Starting rapping with english but i was finding it very difficult for the streets to relate to it.. Cause I was sounding like one yanki rapper and they were not getting the message.. So I had to break it down to the lowest level that the common street boi could relate to… That’s how I started using pidgin which happens to be the most popular lingo in 9ja

FlightMuzic: When and how did u come into muzic?

Erigga aka paperboi: Start music like 4yrs back professionally buh ve been doing dis tin for quite some time now.

FlightMuzic: Tell us abt ur education background.:)

Erigga aka paperboi: Done wit skool for now… Jst tryna focus more on d music nd the business..

FlightMuzic: What was the first song u recorded and tell us about it.

Erigga aka paperboi: The first I recorded was jungle party… Nd it was a crazy street love song…. Buh it didn’t enjoy massive airplay cos den I didn’t rilly knew how to go about spreading my music… That was around 2002

FlightMuzic: What king of muzic do u do?.

Erigga aka paperboi: rap music

FlightMuzic: Which act have you found most pleasurable working with, and who are you itching to collaborate with?.

Erigga aka paperboi: I enjoyed working with Sean Tero… When we are together we bring out this energy dat is crazy… And its always a hit at the end of the session..                                              Right now ve got a lot of collables on ground.. Don’t know which one to drop next cos all of em is hot… Gonna keep the names on d low, reasons best known to me..

FlightMuzic:  Any future projects we should anticipate? Album, Tours, Anything?

Erigga aka paperboi: Yep, Just dropped my debut album titled tha Erigma under Newmoney music group… Would soon be going on tour .. Tha Erigma invasion nd shut down, And by december gonna be dropping a video compilation and stuffs..


1) Ur favourite song off ur Album?wicked man

2) Best rapper ever?Erigga paper boi

3) Best song at the moment?mostreet gan

4) Best movie you saw? Dictator

5) Snapbacks ,blings or Shades?Snapback nd shades

6) Favourite City?Warri…

FlightMuzic: What advise do u have for upcoming performers?.

Erigga aka paperboi: The industry is so big now.. U can blow frm anywhere… So stay strong and be the best at wat u do.

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14 Responses to “FlightMuzic Xclusive interview With @EriggaNewMoney”


  2. Erigga is a real boy of da street of wafcity,omo erigga i da solidly behind you back. My number one raper.

  3. I think what Erigga is doing is very good,as for me Erigga music type is the type they just say what type of music is this,is very understandable…if u say u don’t understand this paper boi style then i think u have long way to go….we rapper do understand ourselfs..HE IS THE BEST OF HIS NO ONE CAN BE COMPEAL TO HIM.

  4. strong mandela Says:

    eri baba,i love u die.warri guys del and wel d street boy 4 9ja de fell u like toto wen magas de die 2 pay 2 fuck,i love u die base on d street boy wen u be .

  5. Pablo paul Says:

    I love dix boi erigga lyk madt…Tough e’z kinda crazy at times..

  6. Adinnu Iyke Says:

    I luv U Eriggma….. We dey feel….. 4get all those OFURUKPE niggas, their mata no join……. Anytime U hit ha no b say na talk she must sweat lyk wo dey do CONCRE work

  7. Erigga is a street boy nd he’s giving d street wat they like……….i do luv erigga so much every seconds i listen 2his rhymes……….nd i’ll him 2 feature olamide again

  8. Djewslord youngswagz Says:

    omoo Erigga i dey believe die coz i dey understand u die coz i’m just like u a fellow warri boi like u. from small okumagba street Obahor

  9. Mhen i jst wish i waz ur blood bro… Luv u man@erigga

  10. My LOVE for ERIGGA NEW MONEY no be Garri.!!.*No Homo*
    I rep Paper-Boiz Gang til Death.!!!

  11. I LOVE Eri-Baba.!

  12. Thatz nice paperboi keep it up

  13. Erigga oliy no orda rapper agin…i no say i dy rap but my hand sit dy up 4 erigga rapping lik wat erigga say….lord i blow, lord i 1 go were my maet nr fit go i 1 sit down desame table were dem odoamga dem,erigga goyn daga….09032180249 one of d cum rapper in warri EBIZ GASKHT DAT IZON BOI WAT NR DT HERE WORD..ND I DON CUM 2 TELL ONA WORD.

  14. Erigga oliy no orda rapper agin…i no say i dy rap but my hand sit dy up 4 erigga rapping lik wat erigga say….lord i blow, lord i 1 go were my maet nr fit go i 1 sit down desame table were dem odoamga dem,erigga goin daga….09032180249 one of d cum rapper in warri EBIZ GASKHT DAT IZON BOI WAy NR Dy HERE WORD..ND I DON CUM 2 TELL ONA WORD.

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